"Syesha Sol Food"



What is "Syesha SOL Food"?

Syesha Sol Food, LLC is a Lifestyle dedicated to educating the Sarasota, FL Community and Online Supporters on Health and Wellness through Creative Arts & Crafts, Crystal 

Therapy, Healing Jewelry, Mindfulness, Wholistic Nutrition and Sound Therapy. 

Email: Syesha@Syesha.com for Inquiries 

Sound Therapy


Coming Soon!

Smoothie & Juice Delivery



Healthy Eating


Are you interested in eating Healthier? Unsure of what a Balanced Vegan Plate Looks Like? Need Help Planning Vegan Meals?

 Soon we will be offering services to help you transition into a Plant-Based RAW Lifestyle. Everything from Educational Health Presentations, Cooking Demos, Life Coaching, Mentoring for the Youth, Meal Plans and of course Delicious and SOL ful Transitional Cooked and RAW Recipes. 

Stay tuned!