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Reality vs Virtual Livin’

Real Living

I find myself disconnected from social media the more I become Present and in Nature. I’m outside everyday and it’s SO easy to just stay Offline when you are enjoying what’s right in front of you. 

I feel like most of us, except for a very small percent, are living in two different worlds, two realities, on the daily. “Real Life”, the moments we share with our loved ones, the days we get out in nature and attend a family outing, when we pick up a book and read in silence, when we read to our children, preparing Delicious and Nutritious Food for our family, when we come home from work and simply just BE, instead of turning on the T.V. PROGRAMMING. 

Then, there’s the “Virtual Reality”, where the PROGRAMMING takes place and ALL the Distrations; checking our smart phones every chance we get, the constant stimulation at airports, malls, gyms, CONSTANT motion, CONSTANT chatter. In this “Virtual Reality” we are ALWAYS available to distractions; answering phone calls ( I just got one before I could Finish writing my sentence.... and I answered and NOW need a moment to get back in My in the middle of important “Real Life” meaningful conversations, texting and checking Social Media while Driving, and so much more. 

As I write this I take a second to Pause.......... I Look up.......... Everyone around me has a phone in their hands, including ME. What are we becoming? Why is it SO important to stay Connected to the Virtual Reality? Why Do we have to be Accessible at ALL times? Is it an Addiction? Oh yeah that’s right....we running a Business and staying connected to the costumer, the fan, the follower is the ONLY way we stay relevant. Yeah yeah that’s it. It’s necessary Rigggghhh??? Naaaaaaaaaw.... It’s cuz we got kids Rigggggghhh??? They need to be able to call dey mama in an emergency, parents need to be able to keep tabs on dey kids, ya hubby may want to stay on da phone to vent about his co-worker who annoys him, what if my dog gets sick at doggy day-care, what if we get a Notification from one of the 100 followers whose DM’s we in? Yeah, ALL THAT is why we need to ALWAYS be connected!!!! You know the same reasons why our ancestors needed their smart phones...... ? To be smart and think for themselves? Is thinking for yourself found in an App, Phone Game or T.V. Program? 

Our Ancestors did just fine without them. They used intuition and operated in Divine Flow. Whatever needed tending got tending and No text message, Notification or call was needed.  

These devices have taken over our minds..... Well you know SOME of us ....Wink wink. I know YOU out here thinking for yourself. Yup. That’s Right YOU whose reading this. I’m NOT referring to you. I know you good. 

These devices have Hijacked our minds and WE THINK we are the ones making all of the decisions and feeling ALL of the emotional roller coaster rides, But it’s NOT You. It just a program running in your subconscious and your body is acting it out. 

All of this Instant access has created Addiction and Bad Habits. We have become paranoid, uneasy, insecure, constantly comparing ourselves, feeling unworthy and just uneasy when we can’t get that instant gratification, that Reply. Oh and how dare someone NOT respond after it says “read”. We immediately think the worst when we don’t get an Instant response. That’s the ultimate sin right? 

No! SIN is just simply going against your own self truth. It’s all become intertwined with how we communicate with our friends and family. How is this Normal? How is this healthy for our well being? 

Virtual Reality can be a very dangerous place, BUT we can choose to just be the example. When you Log in, let it serve a Divine purpose; To Inspire, Motivate, and Transform. Stay Offline if you are ONLY getting on because you are bored or wanting to “Pass Time”. Those are the perfect opportunities to be in “Divine Flow”. The perfect opportunity to Allow yourself to Go Slow and simply observe the Present. Be that mirror.....What do you see when you look in the mirror? How does it make you Feel? If the feeling is heavy and Low, It’s NOW that you have the opportunity to come back to Reality. We are still here. Ready to operate in Divine Flow. 

Put down the phone, turn off the T.V. and observe and embrace what’s right in front of you, regardless of how uncomfortable it may be. It’s Reality “Real Life” and that’s the way Nature intended for us to be, Real and Present. There is a lot to learn there. 

Love, Light and Presence



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