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The Story Behind these Songs


This entire body of work is a compilation of "Unfinished" "Ruf" work. I've learned in order to move forward we have to RELEASE & "Let Go" of those things that we have grown attached to that may keep us from Growing. Regardless of what we wanted it to be, we have to see it for exactly what it is. 

Since 2014, I have held on to these songs. Listening to them over and over again. I had high hopes for this music, going out of the country to record and document Live Instruments and the entire creative process. I invested so much innergy and finances into it, but I have realized that creating each song, Freestyle, & Jam was a part of my Healing and Finding True Love. I use to think "How sad that people will never hear this how I intended for it to be", but my perspective started to change this year. It doesn't matter what the end result was. It all unfolded the way it needed for my journey. Love starts from within.

Now, I am ready to move forward on a Solid Foundation and in my Truth. These songs are no longer a part of my current reality or the vibration I am in and so they need to be released from my heart, so I can create more of what is a part of my current Reality and Vibration.

Thanks for Listening and if anything resonates or helps you, feel free to show your support by listening again or leaving a Donation at the bottom of the page.

Appreciate you all. Your Support means a lot. 

The next batch of songs I am releasing, this SUMMER, are from a place of LOTS of SELF LOVE and HAPPINESS. Looking forward to sharing.

New Music

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Currently RELEASING my old tunes to make room for NEW Divine Creations in the works. 

This beautiful song I wrote with a dope Creative Team. It was definitely an Affirmation that manifested years later.  :) 

Grateful for LOVE Support & Awakening to my Full Potential.

It's Spring ya'll. Time to Release!

If you take a listen & it resonates with you in your heart leave a Donation in Support of me Continuing to Create in Divine Flow. Appreciate the LOVE.

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