Our Mission

"Replace Calendar Time With Divine Flow"

I come from a very Powerful lineage of Healers. We used our hands to heal the sick and our words and Innergy to raise the spirit. With each Jewelry Piece or what I like to describe as "Healing Peace" I do Exactly that. I allow myself to be the vessel, infusing Divine Positive and Healing Innergy and Positive Affirmations into each creation.

For each order I let spirit guide me to pick the Perfect Stone, Crystal and Message to send you. Every handmade item available is intuitively handpicked according to what is resonating with me.  I cleanse each Peace in Natural Water, with Sage , Healing Sound Frequencies, infuse it with Positive Innergy, Affirmations and I let it Fully Charge in the SUNshine. Each Divine Peace is handcrafted in Nature in the SUN, amongst the elements; by the Ocean, the Trees, with the Birdies, Dragon Flies, Butterflies and in Divine Love and Light. And when the Magic is done being created it ALL gets sent to you!

Creating healing Art for others makes my heart so FULL and it keeps my spirit so BRIGHT and ALIVE! 

This IS NOT a purchase of a jewelry piece. This is an INVESTMENT in YOUR Well Being, Your Divine Health, Your Best Life! An INVESTMENT in Your Divine Journey. 

This is not a Business I am running. This is my Lifestyle. I've Loved the Healing Power of Crystals and Stones for many years and would frequently find myself in Crystal shops for hours picking up varies ones, not always Knowing what each could actually do, but I would get what simply resonated with me. And even now I do the same, the only difference now is I share what I handpick with you. When you order your Healing Peace you are a part of my journey.  Just like how I practice Mindfulness and Wholistic Nutrition Daily, I create a "Healing Peace" Daily.  Every photo you see is captured by myself or My King and is a part of our Journey. 

The Soul Purpose of each Healing Peace  is to bring  PEACE, LOVE, Protection, Positivity, and Healing to whomever comes into contact with it.  This is not just a Jewelry Piece that goes in the mail. It's "Peace" that comes in each Package; Divine, Peaceful, Harmonious and Healing Innergy. 

When you receive your Divine Gift you receive a FULL Experience and the Innergy in which your Peace was created. You will FEEL the Healing Power, Positive Energy, & Love in which it was made. You Feel the Essence of Sye, Sye Journey . 

Healing Peace

What We Offer


  • Copper Healing Necklaces 
  • Healing Crystal Bracelets
  • Energy Balancing Bracelets
  • Affirmation Bracelets 
  • Protection Bracelets




  • Boosts Innergy
  • Removes Creative Blocks
  • Stress & Anxiety Relief
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Balance & Alignment of Arits or (Chakras) 
  • Connection to Higher Self 


  • Helps Maintain Healthy Bones, Blood Vessels, Nerve & Immune Function
  • Helps treat Anemia or Iron & Zinc Deficiencies
  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties Reduce Pain Associated with Arthritis

What's a Healing Peace?


It's a Jewelry 'Piece' made with All Natural Materials, with proven Healing Properties that can assist in Psychological, Physical and Spiritual Health & Growth. 

 I call it a "Healing Peace", because that is what it Brings "Healing" & "Peace". Each creation is handcrafted in a Peaceful, Calm, Positive, Organic and Divine Innergy Flow, Environment & state of being, so when you receive your Healing Peace you are receiving ALL of that. The Innergy doesn't STOP flowing through your piece once it leaves my hands. 

Divine Flow


Every Healing Peace is created in "Divine Flow". Divine Flow requires "Letting Go", Trusting GOD, The Universe, Higher Powers, and Ancestors to Guide in the Right Path and in the Innergy needed for whatever Experiences necessary  to vibrate in a High Frequency and stay connected to one’s Higher Self. 

Divine Flow is when one is seated as The Observer. Time is an allusion in this Space, but everything that needs to get done gets done and with Calm, Ease, and Peace. This is the Innergy in which Every "Healing 'Peace' " is Peace, Calm, & Harmony.