Time Frame 
I intuitively create your piece and because spirit is my guide I operate in Divine Flow.

How Long Does it take to make a Healing Peace (Necklace)?

It can vary from order to order. If you want a time frame I am not the creator for you.

Once I Officially accept your request, creating your Healing Peace/Package is my main focus and priority. 

I am Always Committed and Excited to Create and Send off each Divine Healing Peace, but I DO NOT operate on calendar Time. I operate in "Divine Flow" where Spirit guides the process Organically. Time is irrelevant when allowing the Innergy to Flow Naturally.

There is no way to know exactly how many days or hours it will take to Create Your Very Divine and Special Healing Peace/Package, when led by spirit. 

But, I can assure you once the order is Accepted I am committed to Providing Divine Service and It will Always Arrive in Perfect Flow.  :)

How do I get started with ordering a Healing Peace?

Two Ways:

I create Frequently, so you can pick a Healing Peace (Bracelet or Necklace) from the Shop right here on Syesha.com, that has already been created and that resonates with you. 


Email me at Syesha@Syesha.com just like you would reach out to your Therapist or Best Friend and share what you need assistance in; Your Struggles, Challenges, Negative Thought Patterns or whatever you would like to attract in your life; Positive Emotions, Positive Experiences, Goals etc. From there I let spirit guide me in creating a Divine Peace to assist you in your journey and or spiritual maintenance.

I intuitively handpick a Stone or Crystal very Unique to your Spiritual/Life Journey and I handcraft your Divine Peace in Nature, with ALL Natural Materials, by the Ocean, amongst the Trees, with the Birdies, Dragon Flies & Butterflies. Every peace I create is organically created in Divine Flow. I am guided by spirit and the natural Innergy vibrating in Nature.