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Creative Arts

Wholistic Nutrition

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Wholistic Nutrition

Wholistic Nutrition

Wholistic Nutrition

Our Mission

  My husband, Tye, and I are on a Mission to provide Free Wellness Services and Affordable Wellness Products and Produce to underserved Communities, all across the U.S. Our Goal is to serve families and individuals that lack access to vital information and tools to live out a Healthy and Balanced Life.

  Our Mission is to provide Health and Wellness Education and Food to the underserved who lack resources. And to Educate and Empower willing families and individuals to take control of their own Physical, Mental, and Spiritual well-being, by offering:

Nutrition and Wellness Presentations
Nutrition Coaching
Self-development Classes
Meditation Experiences
Cooking/Raw Food Prep Demos
Nature Walks
Kid’s/Family Creative Arts and Crafts
Sound Healing Therapy/Experiences          
Community Fellowship
Wholistic, Organic, Fresh, Vegan Smoothies & Juice
Fresh, Organic Home-Grown Produce

  In our effort, we have Officially started our Fundraising Campaign to Raise Funds for our Wellness Bus, which will provide a Safe and Positive space for underserved communities.

  Since I can remember I've always wanted to Help Others and have a positive influence.

  Singing and Acting was my Therapy and I just loved the feeling of finishing a song or performance and people coming up to me to let me know they were moved, inspired or motivated to go after their dreams. I had this hunger that was hard to articulate into words, but I always prayed that God would bless me with enough to be able to help others.

  I recently moved backed to the Sarasota, FL area and planned to do just that. I did a search for local opportunities to volunteer and serve the community. I was so saddened and heartbroken to see unmaintained spaces that had the potential to be a safe haven to feed healthy food and educate our entire community about sustainable living, in harmony with nature.

  I imagined my younger self passing through the neighborhood saddened at all the lack and I felt a need to do more….to be the change I wished to see. So, Tye and I took action into our own hands. We diligently and consistently took action to became the change we wished to see. We had already started walking through the hood on the weekends with FREE watermelon just connecting with the community and we were motivated to expand upon that and to set up every Friday and Saturday to simply connect with the people and sell Healing Jewelry, Crystals, Smudge Sticks, Books, and Organic Smoothies.

 Tye gave encouragement to start exactly where we were and not overthink anything. And NOW we are expanding every weekend, reaching more and more people. But our ultimate goal is to be mobile in our own space to eventually be able to provide FREE Wellness Services and Products as often as we can. We want to create a Positive, Uplifting, Safe, Good Energy, Community-Based Environment for others, in need, to experience. A space that we didn’t have the opportunity to experience growing up.

 I was born in Bridgeport, CT and raised in Sarasota, FL. When I first moved to Sarasota all six of us moved into my grandmother’s tiny one-bedroom in the projects. As a kid, my parents did their best to provide. Despite what most would consider hardships, I was focused on all the love surrounding me and those things that brought me a lot of joy, like creating. I was so busy learning my lines for the school play and all the positive things that were present that I didn’t really see the reality of my environment. I was just determined to “make it” so I could take care of my loved ones and give back to those in need.

 But, the reality of my environment was still there. An environment with corner stores whose shelves and fridges were filled with Alcohol, sugar and junk food, lots of fast-food drive-thru’s, and a lack of an abundance of positive role models.

  Growing up in the projects we weren’t exposed to what Healthy Living really looked like. There was no wellness center or garden where we had positive role models living and leading Healthy Lifestyles, teaching us about where our food came from, the healing power of Mother Nature or how to utilize everything created by mother nature and within us to balance Mind, Body, and Spirit. We weren’t exposed to Free “Wholistic” Health Education and Services teaching us how to grow our own food and heal ourselves naturally from Dis-ease.

 Back then, I didn’t know how strong of a role environment played in one’s attitude and mindset. I wasn’t aware of the lack of exposure to what Healthy and Balanced Living really looked like. My parents showed me what they knew, but children can not DO what they are not taught

  I’ve been a part of Tony-Award Winning Musicals on Broadway as the Leading Female Role, won awards regionally and nationally for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress, I’ve had viral videos on Youtube (with millions of views), flown on private jets while on tour and to sing for high profile events, worked with prominent songwriters, musicians, producers, and songwriting companies, traveled the world, been celebrated for placing second-runner up on Season 7 of American Idol and was even awarded the key to the city of Sarasota and given my own day “Syesha Mercado Day”, every March 8th. I’ve anonymously donated to charities to help fund other’s Dreams and Visions and I’ve headlined and participated in benefit concerts where ALL the proceeds go straight to the organization in need. I’ve invested, finances and energy into other’s endeavors, aspirations, and dreams without thinking twice about it, but nothing makes me more proud, feeling accomplished and excites me more than having a family of my own and knowing by the time my son is born his mother and father will have a Mobile Wellness Bus in the works to serve those in need….the same community that inspires me now to give back and invest time and energy into it.  Our biggest goal is to show our son the Power of Being the Change you wish to see. The POWER of Community and taking Action. We have decided that NOW is the time for us to invest in what we are passionate about. To invest in our own dreams, that will positively affect so many families.

  That hunger that I always had I now know why it was there. It was for this very reason. To do something bigger than being Idolized or celebrated for singing on T.V. shows and Broadway. And with my husband right by my side, who after 13 years in the dog business, creating his own bloodline, “Hurricane Bloodline”, within the American Bully Breed and being recognized as creating one of the top 10 most famous bloodlines within the history of the breed, winning RKC nationals in 2017 and being highly requested across the nation to train and develop the American bully breed, writing and distributing the “American Bully Bible”, has decided to take this journey with me.

  After years of success in the Dog Industry and Entertainment industry, we both are ready to focus all that energy towards what we feel is even bigger than the awards, recognition, and accolades. Thanks to my hubby who has encouraged and supported me to take the next step, I Finally feel now that I am walking in my purpose. We are walking in our purpose. And it feels so good.

  The same excitement that I use to feel when the ice cream truck would ride through my neighborhood playing those unforgettable nursery rhymes, that anticipation of gathering change to enjoy a big juicy pickle and ice-cream sandwich or handfuls of bubble gum, is the same type of familiar and exciting positive energy that I want to give to families, especially kids, just like I was when they see our Wellness Bus riding through their hood. The only difference is I’ll be playing songs that I created in nature and serving Fresh, Organic food grown with love from my family’s garden. Food prepared with love from our Mobile Wellness Kitchen.

  We will primarily be serving underserved areas in and around Sarasota, FL, especially Newtown, and eventually traveling the U.S., doing the same.

We will also have available:
Handmade Healing Jewelry
Smudge Sticks
Wellness Products

Our Goal:
Raise $30,000 by the end of February

This amount includes:
Mobile Bus
Kitchen Appliances
Kitchen/Food Serving Supplies
AC and Heat
Compost Toilet
Fresh Water Tank
Water Heater
Sink & Shower
Wood/Tools & Materials
Cabinets & Counters
Sound Healing Equipment
Solar Panels
Service Motor

  My entire life I was very conscious about what I would put into my body and even decided to become a vegetarian at a very young age. I have been through many health transitions over the years where I experimented with food, to decide what was best for my body. But, for the past 6 years, I have been an advocate for Plant-based Living and even helped inspire Tye to go Vegan. Within just two months he adopted a Plant-based lifestyle and lost 60 Ibs. in 6 months. We were able to get him off of pharmaceutical medication through creating a Healthy Environment and Cooked/ Raw Vegan meals. I have seen the positive effects it has had in my life, Tye’s life, and those I have advised and mentored. I have seen how it can transform one's mind, body and spirit, prevent, control or reverse Dis-ease. And because so many reach out to me on a daily bases with concerns and questions about their state of health, I know there is a need for guidance and information. I want my family to be that for others. That is why the time is NOW to start. I see how people are sick and have no clue where to start. This Wellness Bus will provide a safe place to get some answers and guidance to take the necessary steps to heal within, through so many different forms, so people can simply START their own journey to optimum health.

  For the past 10 years, I have self-studied and formally educated myself through accredited Courses in Holistic Nutrition (Wholistic Nutrition) and I currently am a health coach. My husband is also a Former School Teacher, who taught for four years in the school system and is currently working as a mentor for foster children. With our gifts combined, we are excited to share our knowledge. This is where our Focus is…. It’s not about owning or obtaining mansions and luxurious things, it’s more so about the Quality of the Life we are living and the impact we have on others. Having a Healthy and Balanced Life won’t necessarily guarantee to add Years to Your Life, but our Goal is to add more LIFE to your years. And that is what my family and I intend to do for our communities. If you are reading this we want YOU to be a part of this exciting, divine and life-changing experience.

  Your support & contributions will enable us to meet our goals and get out to serve communities in need. Your generous donation will help expand the work that is already being done.

  Anything you give is Appreciated & No Donation is too small.

  Thank you for Reading this, Sharing this and Re-posting it! Your Support is Appreciated.

Sye & Tye Sba

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Sye Journey

Building with Community

Come say Hi every Friday & Saturday in Sarasota, FL. 

We are located on MLK between Osprey & Links in front of “Phat Headz” Barber Shop. 

Foraging the Sacred “Wild Juniper” Plant

Wild Juniper Smudge Sticks Available in our “Shop”.  All handpicked & wrapped with lots of Love. 

Available in Shop: Hematite Bracelets, Stones & Necklaces

Order Your Healing Peace

About Us



Sye Journey is my journey of Wholistic Living that I share so that you may be encouraged and Self- Motivated to create your OWN journey of Divine Self- Love, Healing, and Wholistic Living.

Sye Journey is centered around what I LIVE by (Syesha Sol Food...It's How I nourish my Mind, Body & Soul) I call it The Daily 3's: Mindfulness, Creation and Wholistic Nutrition. Practicing this Daily keeps me Happy, Balanced and in Divine Health.

Optimal Health is a Journey that we must create for ourselves and I am here to help you along that journey. I create the Organic Content showing you how to take control of your OWN health so that you may experience the Divinity that is already inside of you. 


No Quick Fix

If you are interested in a QUICK FIX Sye Journey is NOT the place for you. Optimal Health requires putting in self work. There are no short cuts on this journey. If someone tells you "All you have to do is take this pill and problem solved" RUN away as fast as you can. It doesn't work that way. The goal can't be "Lose Weight" or "Get Thick". The GOAL is to be HEALTHY! And what that Naturally looks like on YOU can't be found by looking outside of yourself.  A Healthy Body starts WITHIN. It's an inside job. If you can get the inside healthy FIRST the body will follow. 

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to serve those in need. No amount is too small.

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