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Sye Journey is my journey of Wholistic Living that I share so that you may be encouraged and Self- Motivated to create your OWN journey of Divine Self- Love, Healing, and Wholistic Living.

Sye Journey is centered around what I LIVE by (Syesha Sol Food...It's How I nourish my Mind, Body & Soul) I call it The Daily 3's: Mindfulness, Creation and Wholistic Nutrition. Practicing this Daily keeps me Happy, Balanced and in Divine Health.

Optimal Health is a Journey that we must create for ourselves and I am here to help you along that journey. I create the Organic Content showing you how to take control of your OWN health so that you may experience the Divinity that is already inside of you. 

No Quick Fix


If you are interested in a QUICK FIX Sye Journey is NOT the place for you. Optimal Health requires putting in self work. There are no short cuts on this journey. If someone tells you "All you have to do is take this pill and problem solved" RUN away as fast as you can. It doesn't work that way. The goal can't be "Lose Weight" or "Get Thick". The GOAL is to be HEALTHY! And what that Naturally looks like on YOU can't be found by looking outside of yourself.  A Healthy Body starts WITHIN. It's an inside job. If you can get the inside healthy FIRST the body will follow. 

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